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Country Timber Frame Home - Norfolk St, Dunsborough, Western Australia 6281 - Margaret River Wine Region - Quality individual style builder in Dunsborough - Cape Constructions

So you have a vision about the new home you would love to build, but the project builders won't do that kind of home build! This is where Cape Constructions becomes the go to place to get the individual styled home that you would like to create. If you can think of it, we can help you bring your visions to life.

This beautiful Jarrah exterior country style timber frame home in Dunsborough was produced with a budget comparable to that of a project home. Not everyone wants a home the same style as everyone else's, we sit down with you and discuss your visions, your budget and apply our extensive knowledge and experience to get you the best possible project outcome. This is a very creative process where everyone pours their ideas into the mix. Each and every time we are amazed at what transpires from these team oriented think tank sessions.

This home has all the features of our grander luxury home builds but just on a smaller scale and to suit the client's individual budget. If you are looking for something different, something individual in your new home then Cape Constructions will sit down with you and help you achieve your goals. Think of us as part of your team helping you build the home that you want - not the one the builder wants you to have!

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