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Considering buying land or a home in Eagle Bay? Well, then this is something you might like to take a close look at. The cost of buying and renovating a home or block down by the beach is still very high. There are some stunning bush blocks up the back tucked away where it is peaceful and they also have some lovely Eagle Bay ocean views. There are opportunities for you to have a large natural block and a brand new large modern home built the way you want for less than the cost and hassle of buying a small block down near the water and traffic.

The owners wanted a large modern home built just the way they wanted, and for our thinking, they made a great purchase and build for Eagle Bay. This home represents real value for money that can be achieved in Eagle Bay, blocks have never been as affordable for this area and this allowed the clients to spend a bit more on the home and build it just how they wanted it - to suit their lifestyle! 

This home is about the family weekend, entertaining, barbeques, days sitting outside relaxing in the natural Australian bush, and doing it all in style! Careful consideration was also given to the building materials used as it is in a fire zone but this did not affect the overall outcome of the quality of the build and modern style of the design. 

Another fabulous team effort with our clients, when you are in this home you really understand how big it is and just how much yoiu can do with your building budget even in an area like Eagle Bay.

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