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This home actually won three Master Builders Association WA Awards in 2013, it also took out the award for best Contract Home in the $1.5 - 3.0M category. The home is truly one of the best examples of a perfect modern build in South West WA. Taking into consideration fire prevention, protection from prevailing weather conditions, stylish modern looks and finishes, maintenance and the effectivenss of the project. Every room and space throughout the home is like a modern piece of art that you can live in. Additional to this, the home is thoughtfully designed to allow you to feel as though you are living in the beautiful surrounding South West WA landscape. Enjoy the photo's!

Just another stunning example of the design, planning, home energy efficiency, craftsmanship, attention to detail and overall ability to carry out complex and large scale work by the Cape Constructions team. Every project we take on is given the same degree of attention and this is evident in the wide cross section of Master Builders Association WA Awards we win year after year.

So now you know what we stand for! Working with you to achieve best possible result for you building project is the essence of Cape Constructions.

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