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This large modern beach house style luxury new home is an interesting home. Right from the beginning the Travertine Limestone garden wall and beautiful solid Jarrah wood enterance features make for a very warm welcome. Inside the flawless brick rendered walls and feature timbre exterior areas there are more interesting features, something a little different about this home that gives it a unique style to explore.

Inside, the second story really opens out with a huge pitch ceiling with an array of architectural angles breaking up the ceiling. Dappled with downlights, this ceiling is different from the norm and makes for a unique atmosphere in the room. The full open layout can be further exentuated when all of the front windows and doors are all opened up. On thos perfect days this will feel like an outdoor kitchen area but with much more luxury!

This is a well thought out and designed home and leads you out of the normal simplistic and into a more diverse use of angles and space, all finished off beautifully by the selection of natural textrues, modern lighting and electrical appliances. 

Design your own home and have it built properly by a team builders with over 25 years operating in South West WA. We have built some very interesting projects and can help you bring to fruition what it is you have in mind for your home renovation or home extension project.

Builder Dunsborough / Yallingup / Eagle Bay Luxury New Homes - Cape Constructions - Dunsborough Western Australia 6281

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