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Without a doubt one of the most spectacular luxury new homes in Eagle Bay and is the private residence at Wise winery in Eagle Bay. This contemporary modern Australian home sits perched up overlooking the A Class Nature Reserves to Geographe Bay.

Builders Eagle Bay Cape Constructions were awarded the contract to fulfil what is clearly a unique and artistic display of Australian architecture. This home is truly unique throughout and offers the owners one of the most amazing places to visit in the South West WA region.

The home features Polished Concret heated flooring, custom natural style rough cut wooden feature walls and doors, energy efficient and protective lighting elements and the most elegant bathroom fittings. As one of the requirements of building in South West WA, this home is highly protected from bushfires due to the design and materials used. The clever choice of building products that both enhance the style of the luxury home and also ensures the safety of the inhabitants in the event of a bushfire were used

If you visit the Wise Winery you will have the chance to sample some of the finest wines in Australia and may also meet the owners of this unique and prestigious South West WA luxury home. Visit the website at - for more details to contact the winery or how get there. Please note, this is a strictly private residence and not open to the public.

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