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One of the best client designed homes we have ever had the pleasure to build and the owners almost became part of the team as the home was being built. A special thanks to the Cowaramup home builders Trish and Ben Price, you were both such a pleasure to work with.

Privacy is shown on the outside of this home with it's beautiful strong lines and carefully placed windows. However, once you are inside the home just opens up to a wonderful world of lifestyle and attention to detail. On the outside the colours are quite unevoking but inside there is the warmth and friendliness of the earthy colours. For those of you who like their privacy but love living life this house is a great example that fulfils the requirements of those two worlds.

 A strong feature of the home is that it opens up out to the backyard on both floors that looks across to a lovely setting of old growth Cowaramup Gum Tree's. Two distinct rows of sliding doors that seem to just dissapear, both with full fly sreens, makes it easy to just open up the whole back end of the house. This brings into play the outdoor kitchen and giant spa bath on the ground floor and the tranquil verandah adjoining the main bedroom.

We hope yoiu enjoy the photo's and get some great idea's for building your home. And as the owners have mentioned, you are welcome to drop in to see this one, and we highly recommend it!

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