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Built for renowned Western Australian landscape artist Douglas Kirsop and his family. This was certainly a project for clients with a clear vision of their home in the South West WA landscape. Attention to detail of the clients way of using the natural lighting and opening up the home to view the natural surrounding landscape was essential. 

The home graces the combination of modern symplistic style and natural materials with textures which give the home a unique feel of modern clarity and natural earthy warmth. Beautifully and intelligently designed the home offers a variety of different looks and feels for various rooms and spaces. The clean lines and open wall space make for great areas for the artwork to be displayed whilst the organic textures give the home it's own warm character.

The right builders for Yallingup and South West WA have experience, current knowledge of the latest building products to suit the project and work with you to achieve your goal. Every new home build or renovation we have the opportunity to create with our clients is another chance for us to do our very best work and hopefully add to our awards tally.

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