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This renovation project won an award because it not only enhanced the value of the property and gave the home a completely new life but it also created the WOW factor normally attributed to a million dollar new home build. Natural timbre flooring throughout most of the home really set the stage for this country style beach house. Fabulouse open plan living with increased use of natural light and additional downlights brought new energy into this home. The home is right next to the beacn and the building materials that were to be used were a very important choice. Salt air can dramatically effect the life of a build and building materials which materials would last the longest, be cost effective and look the best for this project were used. 

Facing northwest the home got some serious protection with a covered balcony. This provided two very wonderful additions to the home. Firstly the owners can now sit outside in the shade and enjoy the stunning view to the ocean whilst sipping on a coffee or some handcrafted locally made wine. Secondly the covered balcony extension provided protection from the harsh sunlight in the summer months and also protects all of the openings and front of the house during the storms of the winter months.

The clients had a vision for their property and with the advice and workmanship provided by Builders Yallingup Cape Constructions the two parties produced a truly beautiful result. A very warm thanks to the owners of this lovely property for giving us the opportunity to do our best work!

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