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CAPE CONSTRUCTIONS BUILDERS Dunsborough Hospice Golf day

Updated: Jul 19, 2018

Builders Dunsborough – Cape Constructions – Giving Back to the Community

Cape Constructions was honored to have sponsored a hole at the 11th annual Hospice golf day held at the Dunsborough Lakes Golf Course Friday October 19th. We were all greeted with a perfect sunny warm day with light winds for what proved to be a lighthearted and fun Ambrose four ball golf competition.

Upon arrival and after hitting few balls at the beautiful practice range, we were all treated to some local refreshments and some lovely healthy salad rolls before making our way to the tee. Team Captain was #Charles Grist with second in command Greg Hough who each contributed very nicely to the days total.

Fortunately we were not to concerned with the score at the end of the day, we were more concerned in a bit of friendly competition with our opposing team and getting to know some great people! A few beers and some laughs was the final result and our goal was achieved knowing that the Cape Constructions – Builders Dunsborough sponsorship money went to such a great cause.

One thing that was noted on the way around was a house being built, the roofing tradesmen were building the roof frame out of NON TREATED Pine! Charles casually pointed it out that this was a tragic mistake when building in the South West WA. Any untreated wood in a home build will be open to attack from White Ants. If this goes unchecked and the White Ants do get into your timbre structure then at some stage they will literally eat away the structural integrity of any wooden part of the home. This is tantamount to Charles’s sharp eye and industry experience when it comes to building in Dunsborough. This is just one of the many reasons #Cape Constructions have won so many Master Builders Association Awards throughout the years . It’s the attention to detail their whole team focuses on to achieve the highest results possible!

From the team at Cape Constructions we would like to thank all those involved in the Hospice Golf Day and Dunsborough Lakes Golf Club for keeping the course in such superb nick!

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