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Cape Constructions has a team of experience surveyors in Dunsborough who have worked with all of our tradespeople for many years. Carrying surveying projects accurately and communicating ensures the project is all set out properly at the start of the build and checked at various phases of the project to maintain quality building standards.



The surveying process is much more than just marking out where the structure is to be placed, it is another critical piece of the project that requires and accurate calibration and documentation. Please see the below links to give you an idea of just how complex the process is just to carry out the surveying aspect of a subdivision, residential or commercial building project really is. Cape Constructions take care of all this for each and every project no matter what the scope and scale

of the building project.


Our Serveying team works with and colludes with all the relevant bodies including:

Western Australian Government - Building Commission

For an idea of what our serveyors know and the experience they have and also an understanding

of just how important the surveying aspect of the building process is please see the link below.:


Western Australian Government - Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES)

A detailed overview of the Building Plan Assesment by DFES can be found using the link below:


Western Australian Government - Planning Western Australia

As with the above government rules and regulations we also take care of all subdivisions and

planning applications, for more information please see this link:


Western australian Land Information Authority - Landgate

This is the government body for recording all land titles and property information.


Western Power - Western Australia


Water Corporation - Western Australia

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